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Get free 24 hour access to TrackSlayer®

Wanna try out TrackSlayer®? Get 24 hours of Fab Four Fun - absolutely free. No credit card required!


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Get free 24 hour access to TrackSlayer®

Wanna try out TrackSlayer®? Get 24 hours of Fab Four Fun - absolutely free. No credit card required!


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What Others Are Saying About TrackSlayer®

Eric Idle

Monty Python, The Rutles, Spamalot

"It sounds like The Rutles!"

Jonathan Deans

Sound Designer, Cirque de Soleil, Broadway

"Very, very cool! This makes an evening with a lot of dull musicians or musical wannabes turn into lots of fun.  Great site and a brilliant idea".

Lenie Colacino

"Paul", BEATLEMANIA!, Broadway & Founder, The Cast of BEATLEMANIA

"Amazing!!!  This is for anyone who ever wanted to play with the Beatles!"

What Can You Do With TrackSlayer®?

Wanna sing John Lennon's vocals on HELP?  You can do that.  Prefer to sing Paul's parts in A Hard Day's Night? Or how about George's part in Paperback Writer?  You can do that too!

The "HOLY GRAIL" of Play-Alongs! - John Duggan

TrackSlayer® FAQ's

Q.  Who's Behind TrackSlayer®?

Frustrated by standard "play-along" tracks, creator Larry Hochman lamented the fact that "minus-one" offerings isolate only one track, such as the lead vocal or guitar, and generally lacked the musicianship to truly recreate the iconic Beatles sound.

Q.  How Is TrackSlayer® Different?

TrackSlayer® is very different because it allows for TRUE isolation of all tracks. This means you can SOLO ANY TRACK when learning, MUTE ANY TRACK while playing or singing along. Whether you a beginner or a pro, all you need is an Internet connection so you can access ALL tracks in the song catalog at any give time.

Q.  Do I Have To Purchase Separate Tracks?

No!  As a TrackSlayer® Member, users can access ANY track, whether it's the vocal, guitar, bass, drums or keyboard, so there's no need to purchase separate versions.

Q.  Is This Just For Professional Musicians?

TrackSlayer® is for ANYONE, whether your just learning or a pro OR want to just have fun "playing" with The Beatles!

Q.  Why Did He Create TrackSlayer®?

The Beatles' original recordings were made using only two or four tracks - the prevailing technology at the time - making it pretty much impossible to separate the tracks, though it's been tried, but rather unsuccessfully. TrackSlayer® is meticulously faithful to The Beatles originals.

Q.  How Did TrackSlayer® Isolate Tracks?

TrackSlayer® reproduced the original Beatles' recordings in studio, with top session artists and musicians from Broadway's original BEATLEMANIA! Authentic instruments were used for every song, including a real harmonium for "We Can Work It Out," real saxophones for "Lady Madonna," and real French Horns for "Sergeant Pepper."

Q.  Do I Need Special Software?

TrackSlayer® is cloud-based, so there is NO NEED to install any special software at all.  You can access TrackSlayer anytime for any device at any time of day.

Q.  Can I Use My Phone or Tablet?

Yes!  You can access TrackSlayer® from you mobile device, including tablets and mobile phones, both iOS and Android.


Even More TrackSlayer® Reviews ...

Charlie Rosen

Renowned Session Player

" I'm having such an amazing time playing along to these tunes,  I get to pick apart all the aspects of my favorite Beatles tunes! Some of these layers I didn't even realize existed ... Very, very cool"!

Sam Peach

Head of Music and Voice (North America) at PH Media Group: Audio Branding.

It almost makes me wish I was a teenager again as it would have eradicated many frustrated hours spent trying to pick out the guitar parts that had been buried in my favorite songs. Not to mention the value to just being able to hear the bass, drums or how the vocal harmonies are truly playing off one another!"


Larry Salzman

Renowned Broadway and Session Musician

" BRAVO!!! It's awesome. It all Comes Together (please excuse the pun) on TrackSlayer®. Many people have tried to figure this stuff out - you've cracked the code. People all over the world will enjoy and learn from this powerful tool".