How to TURN OFF the Count Off

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How to TURN OFF the Count Off

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The “Count” track is useful for sync purposes, as well as including pitch reference for songs which begin immediately with vocals. At times it is is useful, yet often you will want to MUTE it. Simply click the “M” (MUTE) button for the Count track, as you would to mute any track.

Alternatively, you could Set a Start point just after the Count Off. Simply Pause the playback just after the count off finishes. Press the “Set Start” button (the left button of the 3 Loop controls). Now, press “Loop On/Off” (middle button of the 3 Loop controls). You do not need to set a new end point. Play the song as usual, and whenever you press the Rewind command, you will return to your new selected Start location.

To change the location of the Start Mark, you must first press “Loop On/Off” (to turn Loop OFF, using the same middle button), then go to a new location (by playing and pausing, or by dragging the upper left arrow), and once again press “Set Start” and “Loop On/Off.”

To Play from the very beginning, including the Count Off, simply turn the Loop Off.

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